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 Top Ten Reasons To Cruise...

CHOOSE TO CRUISE...We're not David Letterman...but he's got the right idea.  Want to know why you should "Choose to Cruise"...

1.  Choose to Cruise For price buys you your accommodations, your dining, your entertainment and more.

2.  Choose to Cruise for ROMANCE...Romantic secluded beaches, dining on your private verandah or balcony overlooking the serene ocean, spa services...

3.  Choose to Cruise for FINE DINING AND CUISINE...Your tastebuds will be tantalized by the wide variety of gourmet fare and the amount of choice you have in your onboard dining experience.  Dine in the traditional manner or choose open's your choice.  Enjoy fine dining or pizza, hot dogs, or hamburgers...and 24 hour dining on many ships...From dining room to intimate bistro, you will love your dining experience.

4.  Choose to cruise for VARIETY...Hundreds of ships, hundreds of destinations and ports spanning the world...there's a cruise for you...and if you want to explore further, you can do a cruise tour.

5.  Choose to cruise for ACTIVITIES...sightseeing, sports, lectures, educational tours, naturalists, or just resting and relaxing by the pool, playing bingo, dancing, taking in shows, and playing games of chance in the casino...and then there's capping the evening off with a drink and a walk on deck under the stars.

6.  Choose to Cruise for SIMPLICITY...It's a simple vacation.  Book with us.  We take care of it all.  Pack...Bring your travel documents, your passport, your boarding pass, unpack onboard and your floating hotel takes you away from it all to rest and relaxation.

7.  Choose to cruise for NEW HORIZONS....your hotel go to sleep in one place and wake up in another...a new day and a new place to explore.

8.  Choose to cruise for's a great vacation for families...children's programs, kid friendly food...activities to keep your kids occupied and happy while you rest and relax.

9.  Choose to cruise for get pampered from the moment you arrive until you disembark...

10.  Choose to cruise for SATISFACTION...It's a FACT that cruises have among the highest rates of satisfaction among travelers.  That's why cruisers come back again and again and again!