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More than ever, travelers are enjoying the pleasure and value of cruising. They are discovering that cruising is the easiest and most relaxing way to see the world. Cruising can be an ideal vacation choice. Why?

1.      Cruising is mostly-inclusive…that means that most of the cost of your cruise is paid before you step onboard.  Your cruise, your food, your entertainment…they’re all part of the package.   When you look at all the cruise options out there and the fact that there is a cruise that fits almost every budget…it’s a great bargain and a great way to travel.

2.     Cruising is stress-free and relaxing. When you arrive onboard, you unpack once and then your hotel moves…you don’t.  No more picking up, staying in hotels for 1-2 nights, then moving on. Your ship takes you where you want to go.  Watch the world float by as you cruise to your next destination.  No waiting in airports, eating airplane food.  You are pampered from the moment you arrive.

3.     Cruising offers nonstop activities. You can do as much or as little as you want. Many ships offer special lectures or enrichment programs. There’s always games like bridge or Bingo available. For those who like to dance, there’s always a band and a dance floor.  If you want more activity… you have the option on many cruise lines for classes in the gym, basketball, golf driving or simulators, swimming…and if you want more activities onshore, you can book optional golf excursions ashore.

4.     Cruising is safe. You travel and dine in safety and comfort while visiting even the most remote ports of call. Shore excursions include escorts and knowledgeable hosts and travel on shore is usually in air-conditioned or modern transportation. Most ships have modern medical facilities on board. And all ships have ship-to-shore or satellite communications equipment. Finally, cruise ship construction includes state-of-the-art navigational equipment. 

Here is what is typically included in the cost of your cruise at a price that is generally lower than a comparable land-based vacation:

  1. Three main meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  2. Three buffet meals per day (breakfast, lunch and midnight). Some ships add a fourth buffet for late-nighters at around 1:30 a.m. Many ships also have afternoon snacks or traditional high teas Some ships have 24 hour dining available..
  3. 24-hour room service is available on many ships. Some new ships are adding 24-hour pizzerias.
  4. All shipboard facilities, including casino, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, on-board lectures, card rooms, an unending variety of organized games and contests and more.
  5. Supervised children's activities, offered on a daily basis that are age appropriate. Good to know if you are traveling with your children or grandchildren.
  6. All types of entertainment, including Broadway and Las Vegas-style shows, lounges, nightclubs, movies, dancing and more.
  7. Visits to three or more ports of call (depending on length of cruise).

There are a number of expenses that are not generally included in the cost of your cruise. These include gratuities; shore excursions in the ports, onboard purchases, bar and liquor purchases, casino, bingo, shopping onboard, and laundry/dry cleaning services.